The “Le Vigne del Moretto” was born in 2014 in the old village from which it takes its name, a unique place between Garda Lake, Valpolicella and Po Valley. Here the Morainic hills are hugged by the wind and kissed by the sun, in the evening they are coloured with passionate red. This is the land of my grandfather and I have always been in love with this place, that is why I have decided to take care of it and to move here with my family in 2018.

I am passionate for the place I love.

Maria Gioia sul trattore

Our history


My grandfather bought 6 hectares of vital land, a house, a stable and a few sheds for tools. He started his first farm and also became a partner of the winery of Castelnuovo del Garda, while others worked on our land. Actually I am the first farmer in my family who works here by myself.


My grandfather died. The business suffered with investments, care and future planing as well. The situation made me so sad, that I felt a strong desire to take it under control and give the farm a second chance.


I became the owner of the agricultural company and made my choice to become a farmer. From the very beginning I have been doing my best and I have set clear goals to achieve. Thanks to the contributions of the European Community we have reconstructed one historical part of the farm - the old tool shed.



I began to renew the vineyards by planting five thousand wine seedlings by hand. In three years the work was completed. There has been a lot done during these past years and there is still a long way to go. My dream is to make you feel a part of history and to feel my devotion to the land through the wine and our products.



I was working on my first wine “Gioiellino”(Jewel) to be ready for you. In its name I have put the essence of Moretto: the dignity of agricultural work, the value of a hard job we are doing and the patience it takes. Everything has a part of me… Gioia.


There is to be an inauguration of two small apartments inside the residential building. I am looking forward to seeing those, who would like to escape from everyday life. Here you will have an opportunity to taste our products, to enjoy outdoor life on the farm and to experience our “peasant life”.

The land needs three things:
a hard worker, a good seed
and a lot of time!

a peasant proverb



Renewing the traditions

I have always been a romantic but I have also learned to stay with my feet firmly planted on the ground, just as my vine plants. Being as I am I look for new things, to change my life and to renew Moretto all the time but in a respectful way to the traditions of the land. The vision, I would like to share, comes directly from my heart. I would share it with those who have the same passion and respect for nature.