Il Gioiellino, the fruit of my love for the countryside

Technical scheme

temperature of tasting
production area

It comes from our own production in Moretto, situated about 100mt above sea level.


Morenic hills. It means that they are composed by chalky ground and clay of age origins.

grapes used

White grapes.

type of farming

Pergola trentina, manual late harvest. Grapes put in 20kg crates.

flavour working

After separating process, the fruit is worked by dry ice to mantein the pure flavour. Soft pressing, 4 months in a still cask and one month rest in bottle..

tasting notes

The colour of wine is bright and express its fresh essence. The smell is rich of fruit. on the palate it is fresh and sapid. 

best with

Gioiellino is a fresh still white wine, excellent for starter. Sides it by salami and cheese with honey or jam but also with finger food.


I have chosen the rooster to present my wine and I gave it a human aspect. It is my rooster, the one who wakes me up every morning. You may note he has a tie to underline his identity even though it is a common farm animal. His features are unique: he is simple and decent at the same time. You may notice that on the lable as well as on the wine glass there is a star shining. It means always to have a dream to follow! Enjoy!

Great is the luck of one who has a good bottle, a good book, a good friend.